Home Improvement November 16, 2020

Updating My Greenhouse (Part 1)

Ten months!  Yep, that is what I said.  But you likely do not understand what this means or how hard it was for me to wait that long to fix my toothless greenhouse.  Not that I have shared this before, but I love projects!  My wife claims it is the reason we ended up in our current home, we walked in and she saw it was for me, one big project after another.

Well the greenhouse and its wonky roof finally wore me down to the point that it had to be fixed.  Also, Winter was coming, and I really wanted to put my new greenhouse to work.  Note, I genuinely enjoy gardening as well.

I have not fixed a roof since I was 8ish, so not an expert.  Also, I have never owned or used a greenhouse before. My first step was to research roofing materials and then see what was available.  My original plan was to just repair it with a new sheet of corrugated plastic, but it was no longer available.  I ended up replacing it completely knowing a new roof would look better anyway.

I am not going to bore you with the details, but here are a few things I encountered.

·       Turn the circular saw blade around.  It will keep the plastic from splintering.

·       Extend the materials beyond the sides/edges of the framing to keep water damage from occurring.

·       A piece of flashing will do the job if you cannot find the ridge cap.

·       Be safe, polycarbonate sheets are slippery and flexible.

·       Like most construction, nothing was perfectly square and adjustments had to be made.

In total, I think it took about 6 hours for me to pull off the old roof and install the new one.  It was not difficult or expensive, but it did take some planning, a handful of tools and a lot of ladder repositioning.

Stay tuned for additional updates to the greenhouse, it is where I am going to focus my energy for now.  As you may have seen in my post about my First Home Renovation, I am going to continue to delay that project because there are too many subsequent improvements dependent on it.

Anyway, thanks for your time.  If you’d like to connect or share your thoughts, I can be reached via email at craig@craigtheagent.com.

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