Buyer Utah’s New Construction Grant Did you hear about the $50M new bill Utah passed to help first-time buyers?  It was decided some of the State’s “extra” money would be used to help buyers get into a newly constructed home.  We are still waiting for the details, but in general this is what is known. The bill signed into law […]
Buyer Where will you get your down payment? Are you thinking about purchasing a new home in Utah, but worried about where you will get your down payment?  Well, one of the good things about living in Utah is there are several options out there for you depending on your income level.  You can research these options on your own, keep reading for […]
Financing Refinancing at a Higher Interest Rate? Like many homeowners, to me, refinancing at the same or higher interest rate makes almost no sense, and it may not be a common strategy, as it usually means paying more in interest over the life of the loan.  However, I have heard it works when the right circumstances are present and I wanted to […]
Buyer Non-Traditional Financing: Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loan Are you a real estate investor looking to add properties or a person wanting to become a real estate investor?  Do you have at least 20% for a down payment?  The Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) loan may be the perfect option in either case to help you acquire your next property. This is a […]
Buyer Non-Traditional Financing: No Ratio Loan Do you have cash, but maybe not a recurring paycheck?  In the second follow-up to, Non-Traditional, Very Useful, Financing Options!, I will explore the mortgage that might be a perfect fit for you.  Here are a few example situations where the No Ratio Loan could help you purchase a house: Were you a stay-at-home partner […]
Buyer Non-Traditional Financing: Cross-Collateral Loans In the first follow-up to, Non-Traditional, Very Useful, Financing Options!, I will ask you this question; “Ever been in a situation where you?” Fell in love with a property, but were nowhere near ready to sell your home where all your equity is? Wanted to keep your existing home as a rental after you moved? […]
Buyer Non-Traditional, Very Useful, Financing Options! I spend a lot of time talking about mortgage lending with Mark Moyes, one of my preferred lenders.  Whether it is making sure current clients are moving through the underwriting process smoothly, or while trying to understand what lending options are open to other clients concerned about their situation.  Most recently though, we were talking […]
Buyer Let Someone Else’s Money Work For You! It is not a secret, but what is the easiest way to accumulate wealth?  By investing in real estate.  We all need somewhere to live and for most people this means having some version of a home payment, rent or mortgage.  In this article, I am not going to discuss the reasons to buy a […]
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